Divorce Mediation Services

Advanced Mediation Solutions (AMS) provides divorce mediation services, catering particularly to couples navigating high-net-worth divorces or dealing with complex financial arrangements. Our professional mediators provide a confidential and respectful environment to facilitate cooperative resolution.


AMS has helped numerous couples successfully navigate high-asset divorces that require intricate knowledge of complex financial matters. Among the areas that couples in situations like these need to address include:


  • Assessing high-value and diversified assets
  • Valuing family-owned businesses and franchises
  • Understanding real estate holdings, stock options, and trusts
  • Managing international investments
  • Evaluating tax implications of asset division


Divorce Mediation for Business Owners

For couples who own businesses or have complicated financials, divorce mediation can be an ideal avenue for resolution. The process allows us to handle complex issues in a cost-effective, confidential, and time-efficient manner.


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Princeton Financial works closely with AMS in mediations where a neutral, third-party financial expert is needed. Our team is able to handle even the most financially complex situations, providing tailored solutions that protect your financial interests.


Take the first step today by contacting AMS at 856-669-7172 to schedule a free initial consultation. We look forward to helping guide you through your divorce mediation journey.